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    Contracting and Real Estate Services

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We offer complete contracting services for the Modular and Systems-Built Housing Market. We can co-ordinate or manage all your construction requirements such as crane sets, trim-outs, electrical, plumbing, footers, brick or block  foundations, clearing, grading, steps, decks, or porches, central-air/heat pump installations, permits, wells, septic tanks, garages, and yes, even basements.

With thirty-five years experience in the industry, we are proficient and efficient in serving the dealer's and customer's needs in a very timely manner. Our goal is to provide professional work and to save you money through unnecessary over-runs . Quite often, our prices are the same or less as your current accruals. We can even use your subcontractors  on many phases of the job and take the worry and headache off you.

For an informal consultation, and price quote on your next job, please give me a call at   980-581-0387.

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